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Jan 2017:   Chromatic now has support for Auto Balance using the XRite Color Checker Passport Video* and changing looks on entire scenes are once using grade groups, this version also supports working in rec2020 Wide Gamut color space**. This is a free update if you already own Chromatic, just click the download button and run the installer again and you will be updated to the new Chromatic version.  In case you missed it, we already added support for Tangent Ripple controllers, compare buffers and a visual preset gallery in an earlier free Chromatic update.

If you don't own Chromatic yet, you can download and get a 15 day free trial, or take a look at our comprehensive range of tutorials, or our overview video. The new features in this update are show cased below.

  Balance shots from different cameras or lighting to match in one click with the support for Auto Balance using a color checker passport video.
Link groups in a scene and make changes to the creative grading looks all at once with the grade groups feature

Some footage supplied from Blue World Order.

Don't have an XRite Passport Video?  You can purchase one from many pro video and photography shops, from online retailers such as B&H or using the Amazon links at left.  If you would like us to support additional color chart models, please contact us and let us know.

More to come, new features planned to come in future for Chromatic include: 
  • Support for HDR PQ (HDR10) and HLG workflows
  • Additional control surfaces
  • ACES color space

Are we missing something?  Please contact us and tell us what you want to see, we love getting feedback !

* Only the passport video model is supported at the moment , other models will be added depending on demand

** HDR workflows are not yet supported but we aim to add them in Q1 2018