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CoreMelt plugins support for FxPlug4 and Apple Silicon systems

Good news.

While there is not yet a working native solution for our FCP X plugins on Apple Silicon M1 mac system with MacOS Big Sur, we have just finished testing an interim method to use Coremelt plugins on them.

This does involve running Final Cut Pro and our plugins using Rosetta2 emulation. However  - in our testing the speed and performance is actually quite good and very stable.  To take advantage of this method, first install our plugins as normal, make sure FCP X is not open,  then download this and put on your desktop or anywhere else, unzip and run it

(note this will only launch FCP X in Rosetta mode when using this applet, the default will still be native)

Our plugins will appear and be usable as normal after doing this.  As mentioned this is a temporary solution but the performance is quite good.

If you do come across any issues using this method, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are of course working hard, as are most developers, on fully native versions and will have an update on that shortly.

Please join our mailing list or follow us on facebook if you want to be notified when support for Apple Silicon systems is available.

~ Roger Bolton, Founder / Director, CoreMelt

10 Feb 2021