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CoreMelt products compatibility with macOS Ventura

Status of our products on macOS Ventura

We have done testing on Ventura and have not found any issues so far. In general, we advise customers for all macOS releases to wait until the first bug fix update from Apple, before installing a new macOS version. This is even more important on systems you are currently using for production. We also advise not to update in the middle of a project.

It's not possible for us to test every hardware combination and product. We are a small company, and there are so many possible variations, that there may be issues we missed. If so, we will do our best to address those.

Please do update to Final Cut Pro 10.6.5

Also, be aware that Apple released FCP 10.6.5 yesterday. As this update fixes issues relevant to our plugins, we do recommend you update as soon as possible. Please note FCP 10.6.5 is a free update as usual and you can update to this version on macOS Monterey (it does not require updating to MacOS Ventura). It should be safe to update to this version of FCP during projects and it may even fix ongoing issues between our plugins and Final Cut Pro.

Please make sure you have our latest versions

Of course you should also check you have our latest versions installed before updating FCP or macOS, our CoreMelt Manager will automatically update all installed products, new versions were just released last week.

Status of Apple Silicon Compatibility

The next product to be native will be TrackX, we expect that to be soon.  For some reasons beyond our control products had to be remade almost from the start to get the best Apple Silicon compatibility, a simple port would not have provided a good user experience, which is why we are releasing them native one by one. SliceX, PaintX, Lock and Load, ModelX and StyleX are now native, the remaining products can still be used under Rosetta2 emulation.


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