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Get half off our bundle of four Apple Silicon Native Products from CoreMelt

PaintX, Lock and Load, StyleX and ModelX are all native on Apple Silicon computers as well as Intel Macs.  These powerful tools let you track paint strokes to your video, stabilise, load and modify 3D models and apply AI generated styles to video , all on the timeline in FCP. Download a free trial and test them out today for 14 days with no restrictions.

Get this bundle for 50 percent off (only $174 for all four products)
using coupon ASNB5022*

* Coupon valid until end of 30th May 2022 PST, cannot be combined with other offers.

PaintX is a unique fast and powerful tool for quick fix ups of all kinds during the finishing of your edit.  Remove blemishes in skin, paint out unwanted objects such as powerlines or antennas, apply digital makeup, warp and stretch or repair damaged video.

CoreMelt ModelX is a toolkit for manipulating 3D models directly on the timeline in FCP X, and works natively with both Intel and Apple Silicon processors. Load any of the included USDZ models, add a quick animation and choose from our pre-built camera and lighting presets.

StyleX: Grunge lets you instantly apply stylised textures and looks to your video in Final Cut Pro X using trained machine learning.  It includes 50 pre-built styles that cover a range of looks from illustration styles, two tone printing styles, and grunge and graphic styles.

Lock & Load X is the fastest and most powerful film and video footage stabilizer for Final Cut Pro X, .and includes automatic rolling shutter calculation, now easier and more powerful than ever.  

Try it yourself, free 15 day trial available

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