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Using Coremelt DriveX To Enhance Real Estate Videos

Using Coremelt DriveX To Enhance Real Estate Videos

We're still working on our Apple Silicon updates, in the meantime you might have missed everything that CoreMelt DriveX can do.

CoreMelt DriveX allows you to easily track 3D text or particles to the motion in your footage. Here we show you how to take advantage of this in your real estate videos, including tracking areas and points in your video, including aerial drone footage of property lines, landmarks and important features.

Using the power of the Academy Award winning mocha tracker you can follow the motion in a clip just by drawing a shape and pressing track. DriveX includes 40 Motion Templates for many kinds of tracked particle and text effects and advanced users can edit their own templates to apply tracking to moving features. 

DriveX is available for $99 with a 50% loyalty discount if you own SliceX or TrackX. Download a free 14 day trial today!

Tracked Arrows & Pointers with DriveX

Track Property Boundaries with DriveX

Track Callout Labels In 1 Minute with CoreMelt DriveX

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