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Lock & Load for Premiere Pro

Watch the video for an intro to Lock & Load in Adobe Premiere Pro and a comparision with Adobe's Warp Stabilizer.

Lock & Load is more than 10 times faster to analyse that the Warp Stabilizer and also handles clips that the Warp Stabilizer just can't handle. See the video for full details.

Premiere Pro users:  The full range of CoreMelt plugins are now supported in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6, just download our latest update and run the installer. Please read this page for important notes on how to get the most out of your plugins.


To get Lock & Load for Premiere Pro, existing customers can just download our latest installer, this is a free upgrade.  

Please note that Lock & Load requires Premiere Pro CS5.5 or later. 

Additional Video Courtesy of iRace.