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BLOG: Latest news from CoreMelt - upcoming products and events

Two new tutorials for PaintX 4: Animated light trails and relighting a scene

Director, shooter and editor Jake Carvey has given us two new tutorials on PaintX 4.  First how to create animated light trails behind a vehicle, second using PaintX for relighting a scene.  Quick and simple tutorials, jump in and take a look. Creating a light trail effect Relighting a scene

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Get half off our bundle of four Apple Silicon Native Products from CoreMelt

PaintX, Lock and Load, StyleX and ModelX are all native on Apple Silicon computers as well as Intel Macs.  These powerful tools let you track paint strokes to your video, stabilise, load and modify 3D models and apply AI generated styles to video , all on the timeline in FCP. Download a free trial and test them out today for 14 days with no restrictions. Get this bundle for 50 percent off (only $174 for all four products) using coupon ASNB5022* * Coupon valid until end of 30th May 2022 PST, cannot be combined with other offers. BUY NOW INSTALL BUNDLE...

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Major update with bugfixes to CoreMelt Manager

We received reports of issues regarding installing bundles and CoreMelt Manager not updating install status when uninstalling.  We have worked on those issues and updated CoreMelt Manager.  When launching it should update itself to version 1.0.9, if it fails to update for any reason you can download version 1.0.9 here. CoreMelt Manager now allows you to have multiple versions of products installed.  This is sometimes needed because our newest FxPlug4 Apple Silicon native updates cannot load the project settings of previous versions.  Use the "Install FxPlug3 version" option when clicking on a product to do so. For more information see...

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PaintX is now Apple Silicon Native.

PaintX has been updated and now runs natively both on Apple Silicon systems and Intel mac systems.  This is a free update for existing customers of PaintX.  To get the free update, please launch CoreMelt Manager, CoreMelt Manager should first update itself. then it will download the new version of PaintX.  Please note Lock and Load, StyleX and ModelX were already Apple Silicon native and can also be installed using CoreMelt Manager. Important Note: The new version called PaintX 4 cannot load project settings from previous versions of PaintX.  This is due to some changes beyond our control, more info. ...

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ModelX - 50 percent off sale, plus updated with new models

Since our ModelX 3D tool for Final Cut Pro was released we have added over 80 additional models free to use in your projects.  Remember you can also use any 3D files downloaded from popular 3D model sites like Sketchfab, and re-texture them to add logos or change the look directly within the ModelX plugin.  We'll be adding even more functionality to ModelX in future, and ModelX is already native on both Apple Silicon and Intel mac systems. ModelX is only $99 , but now for five days you can grab it at 50 percent off * Use coupon MODX50NOW...

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